From distributed monolith to microservices on AWS

close up of bolt washers spaced apart on a table

Recently I’ve undertaken a major refactoring of a project which involved breaking up an application into microservices on AWS — read more.

3 tips on becoming a better software engineer

Rocket launching into the sky

Success in software engineering means different things to different people. With technologies and methodologies changing at such rapid pace it becomes almost a given that to succeed you need to be constantly improving. — read more.

Command-line image editing with ImageMagick

Abstract colour

ImageMagick, created in 1987 by John Cristy, is a powerful suite of tools for manipulating images entirely via the command-line — read more.

Photo mosaics with Rust

Example output image of emosaic

When I was a kid I remember seeing a poster of Yoda from Star Wars which was made up from various screenshots from the movie. I remember being facinated how several tiny images could be arranged to create a larger image and that how the colour of each small image contributed to the larger image. — read more.

Creating a remote BitTorrent box with Terraform, Transmission and Docker on AWS

A radio tower at night

My head has very much been in the DevOps space lately as I've been more and more hands on with AWS. I got thinking about an idea I had some time ago... What would be involved in running an ephemeral BitTorrent client on AWS with downloads automatically saved to S3? — read more.

Automatically uploading new files to S3 with Golang

Pixelated golang gopher holding a light bulb

go-watch-s3 is a Go program which recursively watches a directory for new files and automatically uploads them to S3. — read more.

Bulk delete git branches

A pile of logs

Bulk delete branches from your local git repository with xargs. — read more.